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Strategic Planning

2022 Strategic Planning

Orcas Island Health Care District developed a strategic plan for the health care needs of our community. This process included an island-wide survey, focus groups, Special Board sessions, and community meetings as a means to gather information, assess needs, and create a vision for the future.



Strategic Planning Process

The meeting materials or meeting cancellations were posted at least 24 hours in advance. 

Strategic Planning Schedule

The District outlined a schedule for strategic planning sessions. 

2022 Survey Results

Orcas Island Health Care District conducted a community-wide survey in the Spring of 2022, gathering information from over 500 households. The survey was used as a springboard for further community discussions, small focus groups, and special Board work sessions as a means to develop a strategic plan to meet the healthcare needs of the community.

Final 2022 Survey Report

Strategic Planning Session - Needs Assessment Preliminary Report, August 4th

The 2022 Strategic Planning Needs Assessment Preliminary Report was presented to the Commissioners for discussion on August 4, 2022

Strategic Planning Session - August 11th

Strategic Planning - Identification of Goals Rubric

Strategic Planning  - Family and Spanish-speaking Focus Group Results

Presentation from Family and Spanish-speaking focus groups

Strategic Planning  - Conversation on Goals

Presentation from the Conversation on Goals

Strategic Planning  - Draft Strategic Plan October 7th 2022

Draft Strategic Plan from October 7th, 2022

Strategic Planning  - Final Draft Strategic Plan October 23rd 2022

Final Draft Strategic Plan from October 23rd, 2022

Final Strategic Planning  - Adopted

Final Strategic Plan adopted October 25th, 2022

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